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Chamran Hotel


The tallest hotel in Iran's capital of culture and history, located in beautiful district of Ghasroldasht, with a breathtaking view city of shiraz and the heavenly gardens in vicinity, Chamran Grand Hotel has utilized the knowledge and experience of experts in architecture and hospitality industry and has taken all international standards for service quality into account, promising a memorable stay in heart of tranquility and serenity.

Rooms and suites:


To respect the diverse tastes of the guests, Chamran Grand Hotel has put a variety of 250 rooms and suites at the guests' disposal.



Davinci Restaurant: The fans of the Italian food will never forget the delicious taste of different pasta and pizza on the 25th floor when watching the beautiful landscape of the city and listening to the dulcet tones of the piano. !


Italian Coffee Shop: Providing a calm pleasant atmosphere for family members and friends while enjoying the taste of Italian cookies, sweets, and ice cream.


Traditional Café-Restaurant: The visit to Shiraz, the city of poetry and literature becomes more enjoyable when the guests are served with the traditional plant-essence drinks and, especially, Falude (a Shirazi cold dessert). On the floor -1, the guests may also ask for a wide variety of Iranian and Shirazi cuisine while having sweet traditional drinks at their disposal. Live music can add to the guests' joy, too.


Panorama Restaurant: The guests having breakfast on the 24th floor of the hotel with a matchless view of the city herald a memorable day. Listening to live music while having the chance to opt for Iranian and international cuisine, the guests take pleasure in the cool atmosphere.


Cheshm andaz Coffee Shop: On the 23rd floor of the hotel nothing can rival a light music while taking in a hot cup of coffee. The endless horizon is much more beautiful when you are in Vista Coffee Shop!


Gilaak Restaurant: On the beautiful balcony of the 3rd floor or in the large panoramic halls beside, the fans of Northern food can have their favorite meal in quite a pleasant place.


Amenities and services:

Aromatherapy:  In aromatherapy with scented oils extracted from the very flowers and the plants, due to stretching and massaging moves, the molecules of the oils are absorbed by the skin and get into the blood and the lymphatic system, increasing the therapeutic effects of the message.

Dr. Fish Massage: Micro massage or massaging of the skin with living fish is highly advised as it helps reconstruct the damaged skin cells. Such fish helps remove the dry skin and cracked skin; eliminate freckles and eczema, and fresh the skin via micro peeling.


Moroccan Bath:  The massage of the body which includes pressing, stretching, and tapping of different parts of the body to help remove tiredness and give calmness and tranquility both to the body and soul. The traditional practice of bathing in the Moroccan Bath not only makes the skin receive more oxygen but also helps it remain fresh.


Gymnasium: The fitness enthusiasts may keep to their fitness routines even on the trip. The gym at Chamran Grand Hotel has a variety of modern exercise machines and fitness equipment, giving the guests the chance to get rid of a tired body


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