During years of its activity, Ghasran Gasht Travel Agency aimed to satisfy its clients and the other colleague agencies by offering them well-qualified and modern services.

Because of high demands of clients, the airlines routes have been developed such that we have the highest capacity in most of the main routes.

Ghasran Gasht Company tries to offer the best services using most powerful infrastructures, highest standards and most complete distributive networks. It take steps toward its final goal by considering constructive comments of the members and also establishing new basic communication with members, brokers, airlines and tour guides

We see every challenge as an opportunity and believe that our position has been well established as the most well-known pioneer in the tourism industry

Currently, our services include:

  • Reserving local and foreign hotels
  • Providing electronic tickets for foreign travels
  • Attracting foreign tourists
  • Conducting international tours even for one person
  • Taking hotel reservation approval on hotel official letter with header emblem to get visas of most of the European countries.
  • Offering consultation services in all traveling affairs.
  • Offering trade tourism services to other agencies and companies that a high portion of their costs is assigned to international travels.
  • Group registrations for foreign tours including specific discounts
  • Visa collection
  • Offering Travel insurance