Why Ghasrangahst?


In order to promote the quality of tourism services in the country, Ghasran Gasht travel agency  covers the other travel and tourism agencies for the purpose of rapid distribution of tourism services with the high quality, ghasran  is introduced as one of the best offering of services in this industry.

Ghasran gasht out look : we use strong talents and tools to offer superior services and to acquire the complete satisfaction of the clients.

Every day, our personnel apply this philosophy in their work and believe that they can be effective in creating the best memories and experience for the clients. The result is that we always seek to offer the desired, qualified and appropriate services.


The international air transport association (IATA) is one of the most important international associations in the world. It was founded in 1945 under the treaty of Havana in Cuba and head quartered in Geneva  for developing  safe and reliable airline services , and providing communication  among the members  and international organizations including WHO,ICAO and etc. Iran Sky Group is one of the members of this international association.

ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) is the world largest association of pioneers in traveling. The mission of ASTA and its affiliated organizations is to facilitate the business of selling travel with the help of active representatives, to share knowledge and to enhance professionalism. ASTA seeks profitable and growing retail travel marketplaces to do investment and business. Founded in 1931 as the American Steamship and Tourist Agents' Association, ASTA and its affiliates now comprise the world's largest and most influential travel trade association with members in 140 countries. As the world's largest travel agent association, its area of activity encompasses every aspect of the travel experience.

As the conductor of foreign tours (like Asia, Europe , Africa and Austria) and domestic and foreign ticket seller, Ghasran Gasht travel agency establishes the client administration system for rapid reply to complaints, constructive comments and suggestions of the clients leading to their satisfaction and company survival. This system is developed based on the following standards:

  • Consideration of national and international obligations related to tour and tourism services
  • Providing a free, easy to use and effective process for the clients to facilitate and simplify mentioning their statements.
  • Promoting personnel knowledge and awareness with continuous training in management of communication with the clients and also being responsible to them.
  • Considering security and assurance in regard to confidentiality of client’s identification and complaints.
  • Establishing modern and convenient communication schemes to facilitate getting client’s complaints.


We, managers and personnel of Ghasran Gasht Company:

By awareness of our duties and responsibilities in client administration system for complaints, observation of ethic and professional principals, and benefiting from different methods in resolving the complaints, we commit to avoid any prejudice and do our best to reach clients’ satisfaction and hope to increase clients’ satisfaction with continuous efforts.

Rasoul Babaee (Ghasran Gasht Manager)


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