Shiraz City
Shiraz City - IRAN / Shiraz




Takhte Jamshid( Persepolis):


Persepolis is the outstanding capital of Iran kingdom in Achaemenid period. It is the name of one of the archeological cities of Iran in where is a palace named Takhte Jamshid, established by Darius the Great.  It dates back to 515 BC. When In the first days of New Year many groups, on behalf of municipalities from around the world were gathered in Takhte Jamshid to grant their gifts to the king. It was registered in world heritage sites in 1979. 


Baghe Eram (Eram Garden):


Baghe Eram is a historical Iranian garden in Shiraz. It consists of several historical complexes and botanical gardens. There is no specific information about its construction date and the constructor but some evidence of this garden was founded on itinerary related to 10th and 11th century. The architectural style of this mansion is of Qajarieh style and the construction imitates Zandieh style. This mansion is a masterpiece of Qajarieh period in aspects of architecture, painting, tile work and molding. 


Afif Abad Garden:


 Afif Abad or Golshan Garden is one of the  historical gardens in Shiraz. It is located at Afif Abad Street in Shiraz and currently is under the supervision of Army. Afif Abad Garden is a comprehensive sample of Iranian floriculture. Mirza Ali Mohammad khan II has established its construction in 1907 and the entire complex was completely constructed in 1863. This complex  contains one imperial palace, one antique weapon museum, and one Iranian garden. This garden has been registered in National heritage of Iran in 1973


Temple of Hafez:

It is the name of the temple in the north of Shiraz and in the south of Quran gate. This temple was constructed in memory of Hafez, the celebrated Persian poet and called Hafezieh since housed the tomb of Hafez.  Hafezieh hall is 56 meters long and 8meters wide and consists 20 columns, each 5 meters long. This tomb is one of the artworks of Zand period and is the focus of tourism in Shiraz.



 Vakil Mosque:

Vakil mosque in Zandieh building complex located next to Vakil Bazar and Vakil Bath in the center of Shiraz. This mosque, one of the graceful and resistant buildings, was constructed by Karim Khan Zand in Zand period.  Architecturally and artistically, it is an important building. This mosque has 2 Iwans and 2 southern and eastern night prayer halls (Shabestan). Southern Shabestan with 48 monotonic and spiral pillars, is one of the artistic features of Iranian arts. Iwan and northern and southern courts are decorated by graceful Haft Rangi tiles. According to the traditional architecture context of Iran, this mosque, located in a social complex, offers a pleasant harmony with religion and the world.


Pars Museum:

Pars museum is a museum in Nazar Garden in Shiraz, maintaining stuff from the pre-Islamic period. As the oldest museum in Shiraz, it displays valuable artworks such as magnificent paintings and almost 30 handwritten of Quran. It was registered on Iranian national site on 1935 with No.244.

During Zand Period, Karim khan has made an octagonal building named Kolah Farangi in the middle of Nazar Garden for holding official ceremonies and hosting foreign ambassadors and royal guests.  This octagonal building was changed to a museum in 1936.



Setaregan Hotel

Shiraz Setaregan Hotel which is located in the northern part of the city with a beautiful view of the city during daytime or at night, welcomes the guests who want to relax in a calm atmosphere far from tensions of the city.

One of the advantages of this Hotel is being located in an area which is near to the gardens and historical monuments parts of the city.

We also do offer tours of Persepolis, botanical garden, old and new part of the city of shiraz and historical monuments.


Rooms and suites:

Setaregan hotel's standard room is offered guests with great design in two different decorations, modern & traditional with a calm & comfortable atmosphere.


The amenities offered: Room service, Housekeeping, Laundry/dry cleaning service, In room tea & coffee service, Room refreshing, High-speed internet, In-room safe box, Bath tub, TV include domestic & international satellite channels, Refrigerator, Mini bar.

 For your safety and security, all guest room doors have been equipped with an electronic card reader.



Setaregan hotel's traditional restaurant uses the best primary quality food items to prepare all sorts of meals to our guests satisfaction.


Breakfast is served between 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Lunch is served between 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Dinner is served between 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Italian restaurant, fast food, and café shop serve a selection of cuisines and make a beautiful memory during your stay in this hotel.



Persepolis Hotel


Persepolis International Hotel, located in the center of Shiraz, which is the cultural capital of Iran and adjacent to the ancient heritage of this land.


Rooms and suites

Persepolis International Hotel consists of 104 rooms of Double Bed, Suite, Royal Suite, Connect and Apartments with various designs and facilities such as electronic locks, air conditioning, internet connection availability, mini-service, satellite television and audio system, 5 local channels, direct telephone line, etc. have been provided for the peace and tranquility of our guests.


The Apadana Restaurant, located on the ground floor, in a pleasant and dreamlike environment with the most varied European and Iranian cuisine, seafood, appetizer buffet and various desserts alongside its experienced personnel is ready to entertain and responsible for the needs of all our distinguished guests.

Sports Facilities:

The Hotel's Sports Complex has provided good facilities in order to keep our guests happy and healthy.

We suggest you use Persepolis International Hotel's Sports Complex with facilities such as the swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, cold water pool, gym and billiard hall.

At the Sports Complex cafeteria, we will reinvigorate you after your exercise with fresh drinks and light snacks in a relaxing environment.

Conference Hall:

Hadish and Tacher Halls, each having a capacity of 300 people with features that include audio and video systems and The Internet are at your disposal in order to hold your seminars, conferences, assemblies and wedding receptions.