Kish Island
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Greek ship:

Greek ship is one of the Kish attractions that beached near "Bagho" village in south east of Kish Island. In 1943, she was built by William Hamilton Company in Glasgow port in Scotland.

When constructed, her weight and length were 7061 ton and 136 m respectively. She was owned by various English and Iranian peoples and her last owner was a Greek. Her names have been ‘Empire Trompet’, ‘Naturalist’, ‘Parsi Kuros’, ‘Hamedan’ and when grounding in the coast ‘kola F’. The reason of its grounding is not clear yet

Dolphin Park:

Dolphin Park recreational complex which has an area of 100 hectares is located in the south-east of the Kish Island. This complex includes a green space containing various species of plants and a bird garden. It is the first and the only Dolphinarium in Iran.

There are various species of marine mammals. Totally, 21 marine mammals are cared in pools with capacity of 18000 cubic meters filled by sea water.

The green space consists of 100 species of plants including palm, great Benjamin, hornbeam tree, eucalyptus, acacia, and more than 25 species of cactus and other plants. The variety of plants and trees is indicative of a unique aspect of this complex, considering specific climate and coral soil of the island


Bird Garden:

bird garden is located inside the dolphin park and has more than 57 bird species including pelican, ostrich, Macau parrots, variety of storks, Toucans, Taurako, Swan, African penguins and other rare species such as short muzzle crocodiles, it is obviously one of the most unique centers for caring animals in Iran. One of the most outstanding features of the bird garden is its collection of several species which are gathered across the world from South America to Australia and East Asia to Africa


Ancient Town of Harireh:

According to Cultural Heritage Organization, Harireh city is 800 years old. This old city, which has been a great city in this district, has remnants with 120 hectares extent. The golden age of Harireh city was during years 376 to 912 AH. The only remnant of this city is its urban architectures.

The arches and covers are rarely remained except for some parts with stone arches. Harireh City had been one of the unfiled concentrated cities with extroverted architecture in which there is no evidence of introverted and defensive architecture. The existence of 10m cliffs, 3bays and capes, which play the role of a natural port, and a calm sea around it have been the main motivation for construction of this city on the northern coast.


Underground Town of Kariz:

Cultural tourism complex of the underground city of kish (kariz), is one the tourism attractions which attracts many tourism to visit it every year. In the past, this underground city provided the drinking supply of water for the people residing here and nearby areas.  

Kariz was constructed at the junction of three ancient aqueducts. These aqueducts are 15km long and over 2000years old, at the present time; they have turned to an amazing underground city that has an area of over 10.000 square meters.

Kariz underground city annually hosts more than one hundred thousand local and foreign tourists.   

Its roof is 8 meters long and full of shells, corals and fossils, each is identified and has an official identification document.  According to the experts report, this roof is between 270 to 570million years old