Yazd City
Yazd City - IRAN / Tehran


Amir Chakhmagh square:

Amir Chakhmagh square is name of a square in Yazd city. It includes a Bazzar, Tekyeh, a mosque and two cold water wells, all date back to Teimorid Period. AmirchakhmaghTekyehand Amirchakhmagh mosque has been registered in national Iranian heritage in years 1951 and 1962, respectively. Amir Chaghmagh square is considered as one of the outstanding historical complexes in Yazd.

Amirjalalodin Chaghmagh, one of ShahrokhTeimorid’s commanders who lived in 8thcentury of solar calendar, constructed a complex including Tekyeh, square, public bath, caravansary, monastery, aqueduct and a cold water well to boost Yazd city. Fatemeh Khaton, his wife, helped him in these affairs


DowlatAbad Garden:

 this garden is one of the ancient gardens in Yazd city in Iran and it is similar to Fin Garden in Kashan and Shahzadeh Mahan garden in Kerman.

Wind catcher: the mansion of wind catcher has the height of 33.8m. It is the highest adobe wind catcher in the world. This garden has been registered in Iranian national heritage with No.774 and also is one of the registered gardens in world heritage by Ionesco.

At the end of Afsharieh period, Dowlat Abad Garden was constructed in Yazd by Mohammadtaghi khan known as “Great Khan”. He firstly established a aquaeduct with the length of 65km which directed water from Mehriz to Yazd (to the current place of Dowlat Abad garden) and then established his governmental complex. This garden, with the area of 70.000 Sqm, includes buildings, pools and fountains among which pretty flowers; pomegranate and grape trees have adorned the garden.